Breast Aesthetics

Reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy aesthetic surgeries are to aim creating functionally comfortable and looking beautiful breats. Reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy surgeries basically are surgical operations that is to relocate the breast tissues, breast aerola and nipple on upper position by dissecting some tissues or making surgical cut in shape of “l” or small reverse “T” if necessary. We prefer implementing “vertical technic” among all other technics involved in such surgeries nowadays which ensures minimal scar and fullness at upper section of breast. The breast tissue is supported by silicone breast implants is breast tissue is not sufficient necessarily or in case of bigger size breast demanded. 

Breast augmentation operations are called hybrid enlargement mammoplasty when using breast implants and injection of stem cell supported fat cells if breast skin is thin. Our most important assistant is Vectra 3D-XT simulator in planning period before surgical operation by using FDA approved implants which is to be in accordance with shape of your breast, your height, your weight, shoulder and rib cage size but most crucially as to your demands and dreams. This simulator provides 3D screening of your breast virtually by creating 3D pictures of your breasts using different shapes and sizes implants by it’s software therefore it helps you deciding the breast implant you wish.

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