Nose aesthetic surgeries so called rhinoplasty are considered succesful surgery if it carried out with harmonizing to nose functionality and aesthetic appearance together without spoiling naturality of nose shape.Closed rhinoplasty surgery that being popular again in last years is carried out in a way not dissect the ligaments in the tip of nose and to guarantee the functional integrity by dissecting for releasing cartilage and soft tissues under pericondium which is membrane protect nasal cartilage. Reducing and forming of nasal hump is done by ultrasonic forming device called piezo without breaking of any nasal bones. In order to create natural but excellent nose shape, it is to re-form of nose tip point done by re-positioning of nose tip cartilages and by using your cartilages, it support and to place necessary weak or need to be underlined spots without reducing or rising the nose tip.

During above operations, with rhinoplasty surgery done or not, we apply septoplasy and conchamodifications as well as concha reduction by radiofrequency in order to create nose internal structer efficient and capable of easy breathing.

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