Scarlet S

Scarlet S is the last point reached in the “Non-surgical Skin Rejuvenation” technologies developed in the U.S. Silicon Valley. In this system, radio frequency energy is given under the skin through specially designed micro needles. Depending on age and environmental factors, the collagen fibers open up over time and lose skin elasticity.The collagen fibers, which are intercalated with Scarlet S, also known as the Golden Frequency, are recombined. At the same time, micro-needles stimulate the surface of the skin as it goes under the skin and initiate a natural healing process. Accordingly, cell growth factors act on the skin’s upper layer; skin tone differences, acne scars, scars, stains, treatment of fine wrinkles, young and fleshy appearance of the skin, prominent jaw contour, jowl recovery, enlarged pore treatment. The skin acquires a younger look by gaining volume.

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