Stem-Cell Supported Fat Transfer

Fat deposit of our body is like stem-cell originated spare partdepot. We can take fatty tissue from your body by liposuction and we inject any body structure we want to reduce or enlarge such as genitales, butts, hands, legs and breasts especially , fatcells drew by vaser lipo are kept and purified from water in canisters without contacting with air then it is injected using special cannulas and multi-layered transfer into under skin, inside muscle and over bone seperately. Most applied body section is butt where it is injected fat which is drew from abdomen or back by vaser liposuction. It provides life long permanence losing 20-30 pct of fat after injection but kept 70-80 pct living stem-cells. Transfering of fat by using proper application to the necessary sections of the face provide permanence volumized and rejuvenated face. We can seperate stem cells from stem cell rich fat cells undersuitable lab conditions and we inject these pure stem cells in the face as superficial or deep skin injections , we achive rejuvenated and regenerated skin in incredible extent. Fat cells that is used in dorsum of a hand, neck, face and decollage sections are to be kept in frozen condition and to be re-used again if necessary.

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